” is not a valid login or you don’t have permission – SQL Server 2008 R2

Yesterday I spent 4 hours trying to install SQL Server on my newly installed Windows 8, and I kept receiving the same error:   ” is not a valid login or you don’t have permission.


At first when I started the installation of SQL Server, it did complain about compatibility issues, but I chose to ignore it as I thought it might have to do with the fact it might not have properly mounted my ISO image of the SQL Server.

And just when I was about to reinstall Windows after trying on several things I came across the solution to fix this: my computer name and the username are the same. This interferes with the Windows Authentication for SQL Server. My username on Windows 8 was Olia\Olia.

After changing my computer name to Olia-PC I’ve reinstalled  the SQL Server and it worked like a charm.


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